Preventing Type II Diabetes mellitus in our Family through Healthy Eating

Our Filipino-American family has a high risk of developing Type II Diabetes mellitus.

Prevent Type 2 Diabetes in our family by: Knowing Which Foods to Buy and Avoid, Modifying Filipino Recipes into Healthier Versions, and Selecting Healthy Options from Takeout Restaurants.


Our family must decrease our risk of developing Type II Diabetes mellitus through healthy eating.

For some members, this includes a weight-loss diet.

Cost and Budget

Weekly Grocery Budget
  • or less
Food Equipment Budget
  • Air Fryer – $98

*US Dollars

Ingredients and Equipment

Use cookware we already have to make healthy recipes.

Our Food Equipment

  • Air fryer
  • Juicer
  • Blender

Based on Ibbarientos (2016) and Dr. Berg (2020) below are some healthier ingredients to buy.

Healthy Ingredients to Implement in Our New Diet

  • Coconut Aminos (in replacement of soy sauce)
  • Almond/Coconut Flour (in replacement of wheat)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (in replacement of canola, frying oils)
  • Unsweetened Cocoa Powder/Cocoa Nibs/Chocolate
  • Dark chocolate 100% (in replacement of milk chocolate)

Click here to view Dr. Berg’s Healthy Ketosis Acceptable Foods List*

*Not sponsored

Expected Results

The benefits of our family’s healthy eating plan:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Prevent onset of obesity, pre-diabetes, and type 2 diabetes

Registered Nutritionist Adda Bjarnadottir (2017) says: “making major changes to your diet can sometimes seem very overwhelming.”

“Instead of making big changes, it may be better to start with a few smaller ones.”

Why is our healthy eating plan feasible?


Based on science, research, and the advice of nutritionists and doctors


Small eating changes can make dramatic effects


Fits within our budget and lifestyle


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